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Date:2005-10-26 13:27

Cross-posting since, as I've noticed, I have (almost) no friends. *snerk* Ergo even our grand GM possibly hasn't seen this. Just a few suggestions/thoughts on posting for anyone from a fellow player. Official feedback would be nice so I know what the hey we're doing, -.-

(We're a rather quiet group, aren't we...?)

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Date:2005-10-24 17:28
Subject:(Things You May Need- GM Post)

RP stuffCollapse )

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Date:2005-10-24 17:17
Subject:The Tiger Bar

In a slightly run-down building near the old theater, two people sat in silence- one of them tall and gaunt with hard blue eyes, the other a dark-haired, well-dressed man barely out of his teens. Each of them would occasionally glance at the door, taking slow, measured sips out of their glasses as they did, obviously looking for someone. Although the place was packed full of Highlanders seeking shelter from the rainstorm pouring outside, there were three empty seats at their table, and though it was standing room only in the crowded bar no-one had even attempted to sit with them. The shorter man checked his watch, grimacing.

He was Bradley Carroll, and he knew this was unusual. Elijah and his crew were generally punctual, and it wasn't good for his image to be seen waiting on the whims of a petty smuggler. Impatiently, he tapped his fingers on the table, motioning for another drink.

As it arrived, Bradley noticed a movement near the door- three people had arrived, making their way through the crowd towards the table they were sitting at. At last. He nodded to the man next to him.

"They'd better have a good excuse," he said, leaning back into a confident slouch as his bodyguard strode out to meet Elijah's crew. He put his feet up on the table in an exaggerated gesture with a cigar in his mouth, looking the image of the disinterested businessman, although his eyes remained narrow and alert.

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Date:2005-10-24 16:18
Subject:Highland Docks

One of Santo's frequent rainstorms was passing overhead, slowly turning the grassy, cobbled streets into rivers of thick mud. The lake that formed the center of the dock area was close to overflowing its banks, the grey sky mirrored on its rippling surface. In the marketplace, normally packed with enterprising customers, the few who'd braved the storm huddled under whatever cover they could find as they bartered. This wasn't weather in which you wanted to be outside.

Sheltering from the rain inside a grimy workshop, a group of people waited expectantly, their luggage stacked in the corners. They'd all seperately bartered for passage on the dark-red freighter currently undergoing repairs in the wide, muddy field outside, and been told that it should be departing the planet today- although, it must be said, the captain had said that with a decidedly unconvinced tone to his voice- but so far no-one had come out to help them onboard, or even to confirm that they were in the right place.

Soaked, and waiting for one of the freighter's crew to take some time out from overseeing the repairs and come greet them, they sat around the workshop, listening to the persistent hiss of rain outside.

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Date:2005-10-16 02:26
Subject:It's Up


And it's online. Okay, so far we have quite a few people who'd be interested in playing, and three definite character profiles.

Elijah (captain)- RPed by northerncross
Kyle (mechanic)- RPed by jade_chan
Dauna (companion)- RPed by taelow

I'll post a more complete list later, sorry. (If you're interested and you're not on that list above, could you comment with at least a vague idea of what character you want to play? I don't want to rush anyone, but knowing what characters we'll be starting out with will help me to plan the starting scenario.)

(cross-posted with my journal)

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